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Buy or Send Load to your Loved Ones in Philippines

Purchasing mobile load online is now easy. Reload your own mobile number or surprise your loved ones or fiance in the Philippines. At Online Loading Station, we pride to guarantee a fast, safe & secured transactions.

Accepts Paypal and Credit Cards!

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Talk ‘n Text Music, Games, Downloads and more Promos 2016 (Updated!)


Talk ‘n Text knows that we Filipinos do love music. That is why they created a promo for us to satisfy our souls as we listen to our favorite tune. For as low as P2.50, we can now have an unlimited Spinnr access for 1 day.

Register now by using the keyword below.

Music, Games, Downloads Promos Amount Validity Keyword Features
Spinnr ₱2.50 1 day SP1 ✓ Unlimited Spinnr access
Text SP1 to 4067
Spinnr ₱49 30 days SVIP ✓ Unlimited Spinnr access
Text SVIP to 4067
Spinnr ₱99 30 days LIVE ✓ Unlimited live Spinnr access
Text LIVE to 4067
PisoPlay ₱1 PISOPLAY ✓ Php 1.00 per song Spinnr access
Text PISOPLAY 8950
Go Diyos ₱1 GO DIYOS ✓ Daily Bible quotes up to 3 times a day
Text GO DIYOS to 5656
Go Guro ₱1 GO GURO ✓ Daily language lessons up to 2 times a day
Text GO GURO to 5656
Hapon ₱1 HAPON ON ✓ Daily Japanese lessons up to 2 times a day
Text HAPON ON to 5656
Instik ₱1 INSTIK ON ✓ Daily Mandarin lessons up to 2 times a day
Text INSTIK to 5656
K Pop ₱1 KPOP ON ✓ Daily Korean lessons up to 2 times a day
Text KPOP ON to 5656
Spanish ₱1 SPANISH ON ✓ Daily Spanish lessons up to 2 times a day
Text SPANISH ON to 5656
Go Pera ₱1 GO PERA ✓ Daily money and business tips up to 3 times a day
Text GO PERA to 5656
Bible Voice ₱2.50 ✓ Hear Bible verses
Dial *80585
Voice Love Letters ₱5 ✓ Hear romantic love letters for 5 minutes
Dial *80583000 
Hugot Lines ni Jhong ₱2.50 ✓ Hear love lines with Jhong Hilario
Dial *8950152
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