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How to Pass a Load or Share-a-Load on Globe & TM?


Sharing mobile load to your family and friends is easy with Globe’s share-a-load feature. With just simple steps to follow, you can instantly send mobile load credits to your recipient.

What is Share-A-Load?

The Share-a-Load or formerly called “Pasa-Load” is the transfer of load balance or credits, from one Globe number to another Globe or TM mobile number in the form of text message. It’s a great help especially in cases of emergency situations.

How to Share-A-Load (Pasa Load)?

  • If you have previously registered for a Share-a-Load PIN;
    On your mobile phone, just text “AMOUNT<space>PIN” and send to 2 plus the 10-digit number (without 0 in the beginning) of the person you wished to receive the load credit.

    Example: 1000 1234 send to 29271234567

  • If you have NOT previously registered for a Share-a-Load PIN;
    Using your phone, simply type the “AMOUNT” and send to 2 plus the 10-digit phone number(no 0 in the beginning) of your recipient.

    Example : 1000 send to 29271234567

How much is the charge for Share-a-Load?

Each share-a-load transaction will cost you P1.00 as a sender, which will be deducted from your remaining load balance.

How long will my Share-a-Load(Pasa Load) will expire?

Globe load from Share-a-Load will expire depending on the amount you receive. below are the load ranges with specific number of days before expiration.

P1.00 – P10.00 3  days
P11.00 – P50.00 15 days
P51.00 – P100.00 30 days
P101.00 – P150.00 45 days
P300.00* 75 days
P500.00* 120 days

* Denominations are only available to Globe postpaid subscribers.

Is there a limit to the amount I can send and to the number of times I can send?

  • If you’re a Globe or TM prepaid subscriber, you can just Share-A-Load not exceeding to P150.00, 5 times a day.
  • If you’re using a postpaid, daily limitations are set depending on your plan;
    Plan 0 – 800 P500.00
    Plan 1200 – 3500 P1000.00
    Plan 5000 & up P1500.00

I hope this article answers your queries, feel free to leave a comment below if you have more questions.

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