Send Globe Load to Philippines

Globe Telecom, commonly shortened as Globe, is a major provider of telecommunications services in the Philippines. It operates one of the largest mobile, fixed line, and broadband networks in the country.

Globe load is available to buy online. Easily topup or recharge your mobile phone and instantly gain access to the latest Globe call, text and internet data promos. You can pay your order using Paypal account or any major credit & debit cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express – Amex, etc.).

Below are the available prepaid load denominations for Globe. Looking for globe promos? Just CLICK HERE.

Globe Load Denominations

  • Globe Load 150
  • Globe Load 100
  • Globe Load 50
  • Globe Load 900
  • Globe Load 350
  • Globe Load 600
  • Globe Load 700
  • Globe Load 450
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