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How to convert Globe/TM prepaid load to GCash?


The newest service offered to all Globe Prepaid and TM users – converting prepaid load to GCash!

GCashThere is no need to visit any Globe Store or GCash Outlet just to fund your GCash wallet. As long as as you have a sufficient load credit, you can easily convert it to GCash.

Fund your GCash wallet anytime and anywhere!“How do I do that?”

There are two options available to cash-in your prepaid load to GCash:

  • GCash Mobile App for Android or IOS

Step 1: Log-in
Step 2: Select on “Cash In” tab
Step 3: Select on “Prepaid Load to GCash”
Step 4: Select the amount to fund on your GCash wallet
Step 5: Confirm the amount that will be deducted from your prepaid load

> You will receive a confirmation via text message that says:
You have cashed in P GCash on

> You will receive a confirmation via text message that says:
You have cashed in PGCash on

What are the available denominations in converting Globe/TM prepaid load into GCash?

You can fund your GCash wallet from your Globe/TM prepaid load with the following choices of denominations available: P10, P25, P50, P100, P200, and P300.

Please take note that there is a 15% service fee that will be deducted or charged on top of the load that you want to convert to GCash. Say for example. If you choose P100 to fund your GCash wallet, you will be charged P100 + 15% service fee. That means you be deducted a total P115 from your Globe/TM prepaid load.

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