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Buy or Send Load to your Loved Ones in Philippines

Purchasing mobile load online is now easy. Reload your own mobile number or surprise your loved ones or fiance in the Philippines. At Online Loading Station, we pride to guarantee a fast, safe & secured transactions.

Accepts Paypal and Credit Cards!

Smart, Globe & Sun Cellular Load Available


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Smart Promos

Smart Call & Text Promos 2017 (Updated!)

Get even bigger savings with smart mobile. Choose among a variety of call & text promos that suits your needs. Find below the list of all updated Smart Call and Text promos for ...
Sun Internet Load Promos 2016

Sun Internet Load Promos 2017 (Updated)

Do you want to surf while having an unlimited texting with your family and friends? Sun has this incredible mobile internet bundles you can get with the most economical rate it has ...
Globe International Call & Text Promo

Globe International Call and Text Promos 2017 (Updated)

// International Call & Text Promos Amount Validity To Register Features ChatPlus 25 ₱25 1 day 1. Dial*143# 2. Go to Roaming & International. 3. Select Call and Text ...
Smart Internet Load Promos 2016

Smart Internet Load Promos 2017 (Updated)

Do you want to stay online with Smart data? Buy the latest smart internet load promo that fits your need. // Data / Internet Promos Amount Validity Keyword Features Big Bytes ...
Talk ‘n Text (TNT) International or IDD Call and Text Promos 2016

Talk ‘n Text (TNT) International or IDD Call and Text Promos 2017 (Updated!)

Who said calling & texting your family and friends abroad is expensive? Well, not now! Thanks to Talk ‘n Text’s international call and text promos. For as low as P2.50 ...
Sun Call and Text Promos 2016

Sun Call and Text Promos 2017 (Updated!)

Cheers to one of the leading provider of unlimited calling and texting, Sun Cellular! Here are the updated call and text promos that Sun is offering for this year. Take time to check ...
Smart International Promo

Smart IDD Call and Text Promos 2017 (Updated)

Want to get in touch with your loved ones abroad? For as low as P1.50 per minute you can now make an international call this 2016 using Smart IDD call & text promos. Check out all ...
Sun Internet Promos

Talk ‘n Text Internet/Data Promos 2017 (Updated!)

Don’t just talk and text, you can now surf all you want with Talk ‘n Text’s 2016 data or internet promo bundles. Chat with friends online, share your status on facebook, ...
Touch Mobile (TM) International or IDD Call and Text Promos 2016

Touch Mobile (TM) International or IDD Call and Text Promos 2017 (Updated!)

You can now call or text your loved ones abroad at a very affordable rate using Touch Mobile’s international call & text promos. Choose your promo below to start texting ...
Smart, Globe, Sun Prefixes

Smart, Globe, Sun Prepaid Prefixes 2017 (Updated)

Some of us check the mobile network that we are texting or calling. This way we’ll know if it’s the same network as we have. Cause if not, it’s going to cost us more ...
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