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Buy or Send Load to your Loved Ones in Philippines

Purchasing mobile load online is now easy. Reload your own mobile number or surprise your loved ones or fiance in the Philippines. At Online Loading Station, we pride to guarantee a fast, safe & secured transactions.

Accepts Paypal and Credit Cards!

Smart, Globe & Sun Cellular Load Available


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Smart E-Load Rates & Validity 2016


With the large demand of subscribers, looking to buy smart load online, we at Online Loading Station have come up to an idea of extending the availability of mobile electronic load online.

Regular Load Validity
 15 15 days
 20 15 days
 30  15 days
 50  15 days
 60 30 days
 100 30 days
 115 45 days
200 60 days
 250 60 days
 300 75 days
 500 120 days
 1000  120 days

Just follow our 3 basic steps to reload your SMART powered cellphones.

1. Choose your desired SMART load denomination to purchase.
2. Input the mobile number of your recipient & your email address as the buyer.
3. Click on “Buy Now” button and pay using Paypal, credit card, VISA card or debit card.

* By clicking on “Buy Now” button, you agree to our terms and conditions.
* Mobile load validity & prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Smart Communications is a wholly owned mobile phone and Internet service subsidiary of the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT). On September 2012 the company reported that it has over 52.1 million cellular subscribers.

Smart introduced the first wireless offerings, and also offers 3G, HSPA+, LTE services, wireless broadband services, and an SMS-based money remittance system.

The History

Anticipating the liberalization of the telecommunications industry in the Philippines in 1992, Smart (then named Smart Information Technology, Inc.) was organized in January 24, 1991 by a group of Filipino investors led by Orlando B. Vea and David T. Fernando.

The Company obtained its congressional franchise in April 1992 and was granted a provisional authority to operate a mobile cellular service in May 1993. In December 1993, Smart commenced commercial operations of its cellular service.

By then, Smart had drawn in partners. These were: First Pacific, a Hong Kong-based conglomerate through its Philippine flagship Metro Pacific Investments Corporation and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone of Japan (NTT).

In compliance with the government’s telecommunications program, Smart established a local exchange service in the cities and provinces assigned to it under the “service area scheme.” The Company also obtained licenses to provide international gateway, paging and inter-carrier transmission services.

On March 24, 2000, PLDT completed its share-swap acquisition of Smart, making Smart a 100%-owned PLDT subsidiary.

In December 5, 2006 Smart Communications became a member of Conexus Mobile Alliance for international roaming.

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