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Buy or Send Load to your Loved Ones in Philippines

Purchasing mobile load online is now easy. Reload your own mobile number or surprise your loved ones or fiance in the Philippines. At Online Loading Station, we pride to guarantee a fast, safe & secured transactions.

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Globe Autoload Max Load Rates & Validity 2016


Reloading your GLOBE powered mobile phones is quick & easy. You can now buy globe load online using your Paypal account. Major credit cards and debit cards are also accepted.

Regular Load Validity
10 3 days
11-50 15 days
51-100 30 days
101-150 45 days
350  120 days
450  120 days
550 120 days
600  120 days
700  120 days
900  120 day

With our 3 simple steps, you can now receive your load purchase in minutes.

1. Choose your desired GLOBE load denomination to purchase.
2. Input the mobile number of your recipient & your email address as the buyer.
3. Pay using Paypal, credit card, VISA card or debit card.

* By clicking on “Buy Now” button, you agree to our terms and conditions.
* Mobile load validity & prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Globe Telecom, commonly known as Globe, is a telecommunications company in the Philippines. Globe provides mobile, fixed line, and broadband Internet services.

As of March 2012, Globe Telecom has a total of 12,714 base stations and 7,060 cell sites nationwide to support its 2G, 3G, 4G and WiMAX services.

The History

In 1928, Congress passed Act No. 3495 granting the Robert Dollar Company, a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the State of California, a franchise to operate wireless long distance message services in the Philippines. The Robert Dollar Company subsequently incorporated in the Philippines as Globe Wireless Limited and in 1934, Congress passed Act No. 4150 transferring the franchise and privileges of the Robert Dollar Company to Globe Wireless Limited.

Globe Wireless Limited was subsequently renamed Globe Mackay Cable and Radio Corporation. Congress, through Republic Act 4630 enacted in 1965, further expanded its franchise to allow it to operate international communications systems. Globe Mackay Cable and Radio Corporation was closed in the Philippines by Martial law. Shortly before the expiration of its franchise, the Batasan Pambansa in 1980 enacted Batas Pambansa 95 granting Globe Mackay Cable and Radio Corporation a new franchise.

In 1991, Globe Mackay was subsequently merged with Clavecilla Radio Corporation. Globe Mackay, as the surviving company was renamed GMCR, Inc. and on March 19, 1992, the Philippine Congress passed Republic Act 7229 approving the merger and the transfer of the franchise of Clavecilla Radio Corporation to the surviving company to be renamed GMCR, Inc. Seven years later, on August 20, 1998, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved the change of name of GMCR, Inc. to Globe Telecom, Inc. (Globe).

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