About Us

Online Loading Station (onlineloadingstation.net) is a one-stop online shop for mobile prepaid load in the Philippines.

Through our platform, it is easy for anyone to topup their mobile airtime credits or someone else’s by sending it to their loved ones here in the Philippines. Majority of the mobile network in the country are supported. Among them are Smart, Globe, Sun, TM, TNT, Cherry Prepaid and soon enough, DITO.

Our History

Online Loading Station begun as an idea. An idea of bringing convenience to the Filipino people. The idea of eliminating the hassle of going outside their home just to buy cellphone load, especially at night. The idea of sending mobile topups to the Philippines by their loved ones abroad. The idea of bringing the FIlipinos together wherever they are.

And then, this idea turned into a reality.

Through the help of some group of people, on September of 2013, Online Loading Station has been establish as a platform. A platform anyone can use to buy load online whenever he wants and wherever he is. From Philippines, to Asia, to Europe and around the world, Online Loading Station is of service to the Filipinos.

Our Mission

Simple. Fast. Safe. Secure. Online Loading Station endeavors to have the best and most reliable online loading services anyone can use. It will be our great honor one day to become the premier online loading station in the Philippines and around the world.

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